General Facts


  • Located at the northern extreme of Gyoungsangbuk-do, Yecheon-gun borders Youngju and Andong on the east, Mungyoung on the west, Uiseong on the south and Danyang, Chungcheongbuk-do on the north.
  • Name and coordinates of extreme places
    AltarPlace NamePolar Coordinates
    EastUrae-ri, Bomun-myeon, long.128" 37' E
    WestHyogal-ri, Pungyang-myeon, long.128" 15'E
    SouthPungsan-ri, Pungyang-myeon, lat.36" 27' N
    NorthGohang-ri, Sangri-myeon, lat.36 " 51' N

Geographical features

The northeastern region of the Gun is a mountainous region formed by the Sobaek Mountains and the southwestern region is a plain formed by Nakdong-gang (river) and Naeseong-cheon (river).


Vice-governor, Planning Inspection Department, Life Support Department , Policy Team, New Village Department, Various Complaints Department, Culture Tourism Department, Environmental Management Department, Agricultural Distribution Department, Mauntaions Forest Department, Consultruction Department, Disaster Administration Department, Finance Department, Administrative Support Department, Move Provincial Office, Public Health Center, Agriculture Technology Center, Culture Physical Exercise, Insect Expo, Yecheon-eup, Yongmun-myeon, Sangri-myeon, Hari-myeon, Gamcheon-myeon, Bomun-myeon, Homyeong-myeon, Yucheon-myeon, Yonggung-myeon, Gaepo-myeon, Jibo-myeon, Pungyang-myeon


Seoul - Yecheon
  • Gyeongbu Expressway–Singil Junction–Yeongdong Expressway–Yeoju Junction–Jungbu inland Expressway–Jeomcheon, Hamchang IC–Yecheon
  • Jungbu Expressway-Hobeop Junction-Yeongdong Expressway–Yeoju Junction–Jungbu inland Expressway-Jeomcheon, Hamchang IC–Yecheon
  • Yeongdong Expressway – Yeoju Junction – Jungbu inland Expressway – Jeomcheon, Hamchang IC – Yecheon
Gangneung,Wonju - Yecheon
  • Yeongdong Expressway - Manjong Junction - Jungang Expressway, jecheon, Yeongju – Yecheon IC
Busan - Yecheon
  • Gyeongbu Expressway - Daegu - Geumho Junction - Jungang Expressway, Andong-Chuncheon Direction - uiseong – Andong – Yecheon IC
  • Gyeongbu Expressway - Gimcheon Junction - Jungbu inland Expressway - Jeomcheon, Hamchang IC – Yecheon
Daegu – Yecheon
  • Jungang Expressway – Chilgok – Andong – Yecheon IC
Daejeon – Yecheon
  • National Road no. 4 – Okcheon - National Road no. 37 – Gwangi - National Road no. 25 - Sangju - National Road no. 3 – Mungyeong - Yecheon
Masan - Yecheon
  • Guma Expressway - Jungang Expressway – Daegu – Andong – Yecheon IC
Gwangju – Yecheon
  • 88 Expressway – Daegu - Jungang Expressway – Andong – Yecheon IC
  • 88 Expressway – Daegu - Gimcheon Junction – Jungbu inland Expressway – Jeomcheon, Hamchang IC – Yecheon


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