Light green circle : symbolizes the beautiful, green mountains of Yecheon.
Blue eclipse : symbolizes clear water and concord by the embracing two arms
Orange circle : symbolizes an archery mark and the fertile soil


Do-hyoja (the legendary filial son named Do) whose filial deed was mentioned
in Myoungsimbogam (a guidebook for moral culture during the Chosun Dynasty) was taken as the character of the Gun to represent the noble character of Yecheon-gun residents.
The character can be used as a mascot at various campaigns and events as well as tourist products

County Flag

County Flag
Symbolizes the progressive, harmonizing and dynamic spirit of Yecheon-gun
residents as well as the beautiful nature of the Gun

County Flower : Magnolia

County Flower : Magnolia
Flower: Softness and generosity
Stem: Unity
Leaf: Freshness and youth

County Tree: Pine tree

County Flower : Pine tree
As the tree can live eternally and is green all year around,
it shows the spirit of our provincial residents of politeness and patience.
You can see the tree anywhere
as there are many pine tree habitats within the jurisdiction.
In particular, some representative pine trees exist
and some of those trees called "Seoksongryeong" (National Monument no.294) and "Guemdangsil Pine tree forest" (National Monument no. 469) even pay tax.

County Bird : Eagle

County Bird : Eagle
The eagle, king of the birds, symbolizes brave warriors and strong watchers


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