A Mayor of Yecheon Lee Hyun-Joon

Welcome to Yecheon!

I am Kim Hag-Dong, the Mayor of Yecheon-gun. Welcome to our homepage.

Yecheon-gun is an agricultural region, located at the foot of Sobaek Mountain in Gyeongsang-bukdo. Throughout our 1300 year history, we have created a splendid traditional culture from a mixture of Confucianism and Buddhism and have also produced men of distinguished talent.

Specifically, the clean environment in Yecheon-gun allows us to produce many special agricultural products, including sesame oil. Yecheon is viewed as the rural city of the future with a great transportation network of air, railroad and land routes.

Our cultural sites include Yongmun-sa (a Buddhist temple) and recreational destinations such as the Yecheon Astronomy Foundation and the Yecheon hot springs resorts.

I hope that our homepage gives you a better understanding of the city and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We hope to see you in Yecheon.

Thank you


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