One Overnight Stay and Two Days Course

  1. Yecheon Bomun ICYecheon Bomun ICView map(Click!)
  2. Geumdangsil Traditional VillageGeumdangsil Traditional Village
  3. Yongmunsa Temple (Lunch-Food served in the temple)Yongmunsa Temple (Lunch-Food served in the temple)
  4. Yecheon Jinho Tnternational Archery FieldYecheon Jinho Tnternational Archery Field
  5. Yecheon Hot SpringsYecheon Hot Springs
  6. Yecheon Astronomical Scientific Cultural Center (Overnight stay)Yecheon Astronomical Scientific Cultural Center (Overnight stay)
  7. Industrial Insect Research InstituteIndustrial Insect Research Institute
  8. Mt. Hakgasan Urae Natural Recreation Forest (Overnight stay)Mt. Hakgasan Urae Natural Recreation Forest (Overnight stay)
  9. Park of Filial Piety in DohyojasaenggaPark of Filial Piety in Dohyojasaengga
  10. Lunch (Yonggung Sundae)Lunch (Yonggung Sundae)
  11. Hoeryeongpo ObservatoryHoeryeongpo Observatory
  12. Jeomchon·Hamchang ICJeomchon·Hamchang ICView map(Click!)